Barsh and Diamond New Discoveries on the Traditional Medicine Based on Poems Composed by Poets of Indian Style

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Not all values of literary texts should be sought for in their artistic aspects. There have been many lower-ranked literary texts that have shed light on numerous scientific, historical, social, and cultural issues. Although poetic views are involved while raising such issues, it needs to be taken into account that not all poets have perceived the scientific principles of the topics tackled in their poems.  However, at times their verses can be considered as the only and most authentic sources of such kind of perception. The credible evidence supporting such a claim is the expression of medical benefits of Barsh and diamond appeared in literary and non-medical texts. Both medical and medicinal (pharmaceutical) sources have been either unclear or even faulty in regard to appreciating these benefits whereas poets have conveyed  all these in their  poetries. In order to completely understand them, one must deconstruct the multi-layered  works of art to discover their hidden meanings. Hence, in the present paper, the writer has attempted to  study prose works of literature, history, and original scientific sources to  bring to light (uncover)  their approaches toBarsh and diamond and their benefits in traditional medicine.