Cinder Therapy Methods in the History of Iran

Document Type: Original Article


1 PhD, History department, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran

2 PhD, Department of Persian Language and Literature, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran


Since long times ago, cinder of different plants has been used for medical and health purposes. It has been referred to as one of the best medical approaches in pharmacy in old scrolls and tablets dating back to millennium before Christ. Nevertheless, no research has been performed on the properties and features of cinder, especially cinder as a medicine for therapeutic and health purposes, its utilization and instructions. In this regard some experiments conducted in the traditional medicine can come to aid the conventional medicine in the mentioned fields.
In this study, first, having reviewed written sources, the researchers found some evidence of cinder therapy in the literature. Next, oral history was utilized as a research method to develop and maintain original historical information form memory of individuals witnessed certain historical events, although some information found was already mentioned in contemporary reports and field studies. Therefore, in general, multiple witnesses and cases for medical applications of cinder were explored. To reinforce the comments, opinions of ancient medics are referred to.
Cinder was used as a medicine in multiple cases including: wounds disinfection, bleeding prevention, sour stomach reduction, pain and contusion therapy, toothache therapy, wen and warts therapy, and gum therapy. In the cases mentioned, cinder was sometimes prescribed alone and sometimes in combination with other substances. Moreover, it was sometimes emphasized to be used warm/hot to function efficiently.
Conclusion: however the use of cinder as a medicine in traditional Iranian medicine differs from that of traditional medicine, but with the help of ancient medicine, people can be helped in disinfect wounds, and prevent bleeding, stomach ache, pain and contusion treatment, toothache, doom and warf treatment, and gum treatment.