A Study of the Clinical Findings of Muslim Physicians Concerning Uterus Cancer Based on Medical books: Firdous al-Hikmah, Kamil al-Sana al-Tibbiya, Al-Hawi fi al-Tibb, Al-Qanun fi al-Tibb

Document Type: Original Article


PhD., Assistant Professor, Department of History, College of Literature and Humanities, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran


Uterus cancer is one of the women’s diseases clinically diagnosed by some Muslim physicians. These physicians wrote about the symptoms, the effects of this disease on infertility or damage to the fetus, as well as some treatments, including surgery for this disease. The present study is aimed at focusing on this disease through presenting a descriptive-comparative method and the breakthroughs of the prominent Muslim physicians in the diagnosis of cancerous lumps of uterus, the characteristics of these lumps as being benign or malignant, the incurability of this disease in the case of the spreading growth of the tumor and the clinical effects of this disease.