Reflection on Shiraz Medical School in the Second Century AH: Wise Jasliq

Document Type: Original Article


M.S. Dr. Nourani Vesal Museum and Scientific and Cultural Documentation Center, Shiraz, Iran


Maybe it can be said that Shiraz Medical School has been one of the oldest medical school in Iran which has remained rather neglected. The traces of such a claim can, at times, be found in the books and works left from the ancestors. The book “Chahar Maghaleh” or Four Discourses, written by Nizami Aruzi Samarqandi, is one of the books left from the 6th century AH. The book contains some reports on poets, astronomers, secretaries and physicians. One of these anecdotes is about a skilled physician from Fars province: Shiraz, confirming the existence of a medical school in this region. Using library research, the researchers of this study have made an effort to verify this claim.