Midwifery and Gynecology in Islamic Civilization

Document Type: Original Article


Department of History, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran


In 41 Ayat of Holy Quran, it is discussed about child birth, formation of fetus in uterus and also its process. It led to attention of Muslim scholars to this topic. They had wide researches and experiments on gynecology, fertility, Infertility and childbirth. Their findings are considerable even in current era. Medical sciences in Islamic golden age (contemporaneous with medieval age in the west) divided to various specific and professional fields like gynecology. In this research, we tried to consider Muslim’s achievements and findings in midwifery and gynecology to answer below questions: What is Quran’s opinion about forming fetus in uterus? Which advancements were acquired by Muslim’s scholars about disorders related to fertility and infertility? What was the opinion of Muslim physicians about the importance of pregnancy and childbirth in relation between child and mother? Muslim physicians had which advancements in gynecological diseases and also education of midwifery?