Echo Herbs and Medicinal Plants in the Arabic Poetry (Since the Tenth Century until the Twelfth)

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1 Department of Arabic martyr Chamran University abstract

2 PhD student of Arabic martyr Chamran University


To express their ideas, feeling, and imagination, a large number of ancient Arab poets employed terminologies current in that period, especially those related to spices and herbals and their advantages. Their main impetus came from their investigative instinct as well as their religious beliefs that emphasize the importance of herbals for their medical and nutritional benefits. Hence, such subjects attracted the attention of the poets. The findings of this study showed some common points between the modern and old medicine. The status and function of old medicine in discovering and analyzing herbals and their medicinal effects is believed to enhance science in the fields of pharmacy and nutrition.The present descriptive, analytic study is aimed to show the relationship between ancient Arab poets and the botanical science. In addition, it is to find traces as well as the effects of ancient medicine on modern medicine.