Medical and Pharmaceutical Points in Seuyoty’s Anecdotes (Maqaamas)

Document Type: Short Communication


Associate Professor, Department of Arabic Language and Literature Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran


Seuyoty was one of the most celebrated medieval authors in Arabic literature and during a literary period known as Mamlooki era. Although anecdote (Magama) is a literary type which is written like a story and is based on the beggarliness and trickery of the first character of the story, Seuyoty’s anecdotes (Maqaamas) are different from the anecdotes of his predecessors. Seuyoty’s Magamas are not in the form of stories. They include interesting subjects such as health, medicine, and therapy. In this article, a number of his Maqaamas are reviewed in order to show the readers some indications of medical issues in these writings.This point indicates the special attention of this renowned author to social issues and people’s affairs, including health and improving people’s knowledge of necessary social issues.