Keywords = Muslim Physicians
Number of Articles: 6
1. The Study of the Works and Life of the Ibn al Jazzar in Islamic Medical History

Volume 9, Issue 1, February 2020, Pages 43-48

Reza Mohammadinasab; Javad Ghazi Sha’rbaf; Hamid Movasaghian

2. Methods of Pregnancy Prevention and Prohibition from the Perspective of Muslim Physicians (from the 3rd to the 9th Century AH)

Volume 8, Issue 4, November 2019, Pages 213-228

Fatemeh Alian; Asghar Montazeral-Qaem; Zeinab Ahmadvand; Masoud Kasiri

3. An Analytical Investigation of Causes and methods of Eye Neoplasm treatment in Islamic civilization

Volume 8, Issue 3, August 2019, Pages 169-178

Zahra Hossein Hashemi; Masood Kasiri; Asghar Montazerolghaem

4. Analyzing the Causes and Treatment of Reproductive Disorders in Women from the Perspective of Muslim Physicians

Volume 6, Issue 1, Winter 2017

Asghar Montazerghaem; Masoud Kasiri; zeinab Ahmadvand; Fatemeh Alian

5. Tracing the Origins of the Physician’s Medical Bag

Volume 5, Issue 2, Spring 2016

Gregory Tsoucalas; Markos Sgantzos

6. Analysis of Causes and Treatment of Infertility from the Perspective of a Muslim Doctors

Volume 4, Issue 3, Summer 2015, Pages 139-150

Masoud Kasiri; Fatemeh Alian