Mirza Mohammad Hashem Alavi Khan Shirazi: The Messenger of Shiraz Medical Doctrine in India

Document Type: Biography


Research Ofce for the History of Persian Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Throughout the history, there have been deep cultural as well as scientic connections between Iran and India. In Medieval period, many Persian physicians immigrated to India mainly because of political and social reasons. A good example of this was Mirza Mohammad Hashem Alavi Khan Shirazi who belonged to Shiraz medical doctrine. He was born in Shiraz, but immigrated to India and was in the court of many Indian Kings. After the invasion of India by King Nader, Alavi Khan Shirazi, along with the king, returned to Iran and was appointed as the King’s private physician. Later, he went back to India and nally died in this country.


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