- In which databases are the Journal of Research on History of Medicine (RHM) indexed?

Journal of Research on History of Medicine (RHM) is a scientific journal currently indexed in: EBSCO (Academic Search Ultimate), DOAJ, IMEMR, Index Copernicus, ISC, Google Scholar, Open J-Gate, Geneva Free Med. J., Electronic Journals Library, Free Medical Journals (Amedeo), SID, Magiran and Iran Medex.

- What types of manuscripts can be submitted to the Journal of Research on History of Medicine (RHM)?

These types of articles are published in RHM Journal: Review Article (historical reviews based on literature and published papers both narrative and systematic reviews), Original Research Article, Short Communications, Letter to the Editor, Historical Image, Biography, Bibliography and Book Review. 

- How can I access RHM articles?

RHM journal is open access and available without any subscription fee. That means all articles are freely accessible online, and you can have unrestricted access to the articles in PDF format.

- In which databases are the Journal of Research on History of Medicine (RHM) publication frequency?

RHM has been published since 2012. The Journal is being published Quarterly in the following months: February, May, August and November.

- I registered in the journal, but I didn't get my password in email, what should I do?

Please contact us at rhm@sums.ac.ir to get your password.

- I have forgotten my username and password, what should I do?

In order to obtain your article username and password, please contact us at rhm@sums.ac.ir.

- How do I submit a manuscript?

RHM Journal accepts manuscripts only through the online submission system. To submit your manuscript, you should register and sign in to the journal portal.
o    If an author has NOT been registered in the journal: Enter the author's information including first name, middle name, last name, and the academic degree. First, please register in the journal’s website at (https://rhm.sums.ac.ir/contacts?_action=signup)
o    If an author has already been registered in the journals: Please use the login link at (https://rhm.sums.ac.ir/contacts)  

- What happens after the submission of the manuscript?

Editor will read the submission and, if it is suitable, will send it to reviewers. Feedback is usually within two months of receipt, includes a decision letter of rejection or acceptance and also can be sent back for revision. Following the submission, the Corresponding Author will be notified of submission confirmation and review process at once via email using the manuscript ID code. It is recommended to save your manuscript ID code for all the next correspondence regarding each article.

- How much is the submission fee and publication fee?

Journal of Research on History of Medicine (RHM) has no publication or processing fee.

- What is a ‘Conflict of Interest’?

Any financial interests or connections, direct or indirect, or other situations that might raise the question of bias in the work reported or the conclusions, implications or opinions stated – including pertinent commercial or other sources of funding for the individual author(s) or the associated department(s) or organization(s), personal relationships, or direct academic competition.





- How to send the revised version of the manuscript?

If the Editor-in-chief has suggested a revision (Minor or Major) on your manuscript, then you are able to do it via the Journal Website.

The revised version of the manuscript should be uploaded on our website, and only the Corresponding Author is able to submit a revised version of a manuscript.

For this purpose, Sign in to journal website > Change your role to Author (in top-right pane) > click on “Submissions Needing Revision".

Find the desired article. Click Submit Revision by Main Corresponding Author.

During submitting your revision, be sure to upload “Revised Manuscript” and “Reply to Reviewers Letter”.

Follow the submission to the end, and “Approve it”. A message would appear showing that the resubmission process is completed successfully.

- Do I have to answer each and every reviewer query?

Yes, it is necessary and very important that you answer each query, even if you think the paper does not require correction. Sometimes, the questions are asked in order to update the manuscript information (references) or for missing citations of figures or tables in the text.

- When and how shall I receive the proof of my article?

A proof of the accepted papers to be published will be sent to the corresponding author within 4-8 weeks, generally by e-mail in PDF format.

- When do you need my proof back?

We require proof corrections to be returned within two working days.

- Is it possible to do corrections to the published article?

Once a paper is published, it could not be changed without a clear notice of correction, as this undermines the integrity of the publishing record. If something subsequently needs to be changed, a corrigendum must be submitted to address an inaccuracy or omission. Moreover, in case of detecting a production error in a published item, the RHM will publish an erratum.

- What are the reasons for a desk reject decision?

The most common reason for a desk rejection is lack of novelty. Sometimes, the article is out of the scope of the journal, or it is better to be published in a local or more specific journal. In these cases, the editors will notify the authors of such a decision within a few weeks; so that the author can find a more suitable journal for his/her manuscript without losing too much time.

- My paper has been rejected. Can I re-submit the paper?

If a paper is rejected, that version will no longer be evaluated at RHM. 

- Is it possible to withdraw a manuscript?

Yes, the manuscript can be withdrawn by the author at any time before being accepted for publication in the Journal.

- May I volunteer as a reviewer?

We would be glad to have you as the reviewer of our articles. If you would like to do so, please send us your CV and a brief statement of your research interests to rhm@sums.ac.ir.

- How do I contact with RHM office?

All correspondence about your manuscript should be emailed to the editorial office at rhm@sums.ac.ir/ zrshirazi@gmail.com.  The designated corresponding author should communicate with the editorial office on behalf of all authors during the review process. The corresponding author is expected to coordinate with co-authors as necessary. Please for other contact details, see “Contact Us” (https://rhm.sums.ac.ir/journal/contact.us) on the main website.