Azodi Hospital and University in Shiraz (10th – 14th Century AD)

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Research Ofce for the History of Persian Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Hospitals have a long history throughout the history of medicine. First hospitals are originated from Persia in ancient times in the Sassanid Dynasty (2nd to 6th century AD). After the advent of Islam in Persia (Iran) in 637 AD, medical knowledge and also hospitals were ourished and advanced by Persian scholars. Shiraz Azodi hospital and University was one of the important hospitals in Persia. This hospital was built under the order of Azod od-Dowleh Panah (Fana) Khusraw in 971-973 AD in Shiraz. It had a great library, belonging to the university. A number of important physicians of the time Such as Haly Abbas were in practice at this hospital. The last report about this hospital dates back to 14th century. Azodi hospital and University were valuable scientic centers in Shiraz. The status of this medical center shows the close connection between medical education and therapy.


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