The First Abumaher Shirazi Award (2012) for Researchers in the Field of History of Medicine

Document Type: Report


Student Research committee, Research Office for the History of Persian Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Fars province and the city of Shiraz were important centers of medical sciences in ancient and medieval period. At present, also Shiraz accommodates one of the most outstanding universities, as well as medical centers and hospitals both in Iran and the Middle East.1 In this regards, the Research Office for the History of Persian Medicine held a ceremony in Shiraz to honor scholars in the field of the history of medicine. This ceremony was held accomponied with the 4th Seminar on History of Persian and Islamic Medicine. Also a grant and a medal in the name of Abumaher Shirazi, the father of Shiraz medical doctrine (10th century AD)2 were, for the first time, given to the winners of this award on 28 Feb, 2013. The winners of the first period were Prof. Sirus Gerami from Delhaize University (Canada) in the section of Veteran and Pioneers and Dr Arman Zargaran from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in the section of Young Researcher. This ceremony will be held on a yearly basis every February. Applicants for second grant (2013) can send their CV (2013) until 15 January 2014 to