Early history of Kerman Morsalin hospital

Document Type: Original Article


Master of Architectural Conservation, Art University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.


The history of hospital construction is primarily divided into pre-Islamic and Isalmic periods; the latter also witnessed the emergence of European and American hospitals after the arrival of western medicine in Iran. Kerman Morsalin hospital, belonging to Church Mission Society hospitals, is an example of such hospitals built under the supervision of British doctors in Iran. This hospital, listed as one of the Iranian national heritage, is considered as one of the first contemporary hospitals of this city. But, there was no evidence about its construction date. Therefore, I used the Interpretive-Historical methodology by organizing and analyzing historical documents to discern the early history of this hospital. The aim of this research was to find out when the Morsalin hospital was built. Medical activities of the Church Mission Society, with the cooperation of Dr. Griffith, began in 1901. At First, there was not a special place to work and hence, he started treating patients at home. However, thirteen years later, in 1914, Dr. Dodson started constructing the hospital. This is the hospital which nowadays is known as Morsalin hospital.