Ibn Nafis’ Style in the Book “Alshamel fi Sana’at tebbi’at”

Document Type: Original Article


Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran


Man from the beginning, to keep his health, tried to identify the food and medicine so that he could keep himself healthy. This experience has been passed over from generation to generation. Scientists and physicians, wrote books about the science of medicine to transfer these experiences to posterity. Each of these books has been written in a style or method and if we become familiar with these styles it will help to understand them. This article is going to consider the style of Ibn Nafis’ in writing “Alshaml fi Sana’at Tebbi’at”. For achieving this goal, the descriptive and analytical method is selected. The results show that Ibn Nafis’ has been chosen a new approach for his book. This approach had avoided the deceased method in repeating the entries of drugs and expressed the animal, vegetable and mineral drugs that had been available for the physicians. The writer used the classification of the materials to convey the content to the reader and in each entry, mentioned the nature and actions of drug in organs. Modes of reasoning, analogy, repetition, redundancy are the most used styles of the author in the book. Using these methods, although in some cases facilitated the text, but repeating it for many times in some cases, caused the text to lose its coherence.