Al- Majusi: The Great Moslem Physician of Buyid Dynasty Era

Document Type: Biography



Ali-Ibn-e-Abbas-Al-Majusi, well known as Haly Abbas in the West, a physician, surgeon and psychologist of Buyid dynasty era, lived in the 10th century (A.D). He, along with Tabari, Razi, Avicienna, and Jorjani, established the foundation of Islamic medicine. He authored “Kamilu Sina’at” or “al-Kitab al-Maliki” (The Royal Book), a book on medicine which was used in European universities until the 18th century. Al- Ma-jusi had an important role in promoting and discussing neuroscience, psychology, internal medicine, and basic medical sciences. Hence, ow-ing to his great contribution to the field of medicine, Al- Majusi deserves to be explored more through research.