Ferdous al-Hekma fi al-Teb One of the First Medical Documents in Islamic Civilization

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Ferdous al-Hekma book is one of the traditional medicine resources in the Islamic Civi-lization legacy. Ali ibn Rabn Tabari, its author, has lived in the third century AH. His-torians disagree on the author’s correct name, but the name of Ali ibn Rabn Tabari is of the most interest to them. This name seems more correctly because Rabn means “our teacher” in Judaism and the author of the book was Jewish and he stated in “Al-Din va al-Dola” book. Although Ibn Rabn had great skill in medicine, but medical was not his profession and he had a great love to writing. About his grace it is sufficient to say that Razi, Mas’udi, Hamavi and Biruni have cited to Ibn Rabn in their works. Ibn Rbn learnt Arabic, Syriac, medicine, geometry, philosophy, Hebrew and a little Greek in his father’s school.  Because of its importance, Ferdous al-Hekma book was published in the University of Frankfurt in Germany in 1996. This book contains 7 types, 30 articles and 360 chapters. The major topics discussed in this book are: Nature of monsters and its related issues, Singular and combined temperaments, Educating children, Concept of the seasons, Food forces, Diseases of the eyes, nose, mouth, throat, stomach and heart ..., The treatment of these diseases, Single and combined drugs, and The climate.