The Impressionability of Multidimensional Character of Allama Qutb al-Din Shirazi, from the Cultural Atmosphere of Shiraz

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Allama Qutb al-Din Shirazi, is one of the elders and luminaries of Iran and the Islamic world and one of the great characters in the history of science in the world. Despite of the popularity of Allameh Qutb al-Din in medicine, he had reached to a degree of scientific development in different fields of science, literature, art and even folk art that he can be cited as an expert in that field. Allama Qutb al-Din was so capable and diligent in mathematics, astronomy and geometry, in poetry, literature, mysticism and philosophy, in the art of calligraphy and even in public art like theatrics and magic.The existence of all of these capabilities in a single person, expresses the inherent genius more than anything else, but besides this intelligence and ingenuity, the time and the period in which that person lived, must be considered. In discussing the issue of period, the place where the person lived in is important. Shiraz, as one of the most important cultural centers of Iran, is the birthplace of many great persons in the history that one of the most important features of the scientific character in some of them, is multidimensionality, people who sometimes accompanied their scientific expertise with artistic and literary elegance and other fields of knowledge.In this paper, in addition to a brief review of life of Allameh Qutb al-Din Shirazi, the impact of the cultural atmosphere of Shiraz on his character and also his multidimensional character are being analyzed.