"Setteye Zarorie" of Naseri’s Health care; evidence of preventive medicine in Iranian traditional medicine

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During the human history, there was a great struggle against illness and pain, and physicians have always been vanguard in this fight, but some physicians, in addition to treating patients, have been doing their actual duty, namely the maintenance of human health. In the ancient medical history resources, issues of health protection have been shown to be one of the most significant subjects of medical science. Naseri’s view on health maintenance is one of medical resources, in which principles of health protection have been expressed, entitled “setteye zaroorieh”. The following literature is an overview of Iranian knowledge in the field of preventive medicine and Old Iranian physician’s attention to this important issue.Undoubtedly, similar studies can provide new incentives for modern physicians to address this medical field and may help to achieve health promotion goals and also can reduce excessive costs of health care and increase the life expectancy in communities.