Al-Akhawayni, an Influencial Contributor to Medieval Persian Science of Neurology

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Al-Akhawayni Bukhari(?-983 AD), great 10th century Persian physician, in his extant book entitled Hidayat(Guide) discussed different aspects of some neurologic diseases that include prevention, clinical findings, treatment, and sometimes prognosis. Without doubt, Al-Akhawayni’s knowledge on neurology, in addition to his familiarity to the works of his predecessors is obviously indebted to his experimental approach to medicine. These features resulted in providing a number of innovations. Another evidence is that, Al-Akhawayniwas known as insane’s physician during his lifetime as a doctor. Therefore, it seems to be essential that this physician’s only surviving book is evaluated with more emphasis, and Al-Akhawayni is being introduced to the modern world of science.