Zahabi’s Style in the Book “al Teb al Nabavy”

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From the antiquity, Muslim scholars have always been interested in working on the Hadiths(talks) of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Since then, the hadiths, in all fields, especially in fields of health and medicine, have attracted the attention of many scholars, leading to the publication of a number of books on Hadiths as well as the collection of Hadiths, including those related to health. The books, whether having the title “Prophetic medicine” or not, contain issues such as Phlebotomy. This study has analyzed one of these books entitled Al-teb Al-nabavyof Shamsuddin Zahabi in terms of its composition, size and style. The present study, following the descriptive-analytic method, has shown that the writer of this book has been quite aware of the preceding books written in this field and has attempted to use and include the medical knowledge of other nations in his book. The writer has utilized verses and poems as well as narratives and stories. However, the dominant style of the writer is employing the narrative style and story- telling.