Ghestas-ol-Atebba Written by Noureddin Mohammad ibn Abdollah Shirazi, Persian Physician in Indian Court in Safavid Era

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1 Islamic Azad University, Yasouj, Iran

2 Payame Noor University, Shiraz, Iran

3 M.A. in literature


Ghestas-ol-Atebba, written by Noureddin Mohammad ben Abdollah Shirazi, known as Noureddin Mohammad Shirazi, an Iranian physician, scholar and Persian author in the Indian subcontinent in the eleventh century A.H. He has some works such as Alfazol-Advieh, Tebbe-Darashekouhi, Ghestas-ol-Atebba and etc.His book, Ghestas-ol-Atebba, has a simple prose and belongs to the Saffavi period. This book includes medical terminologies, the name of physicians and medical words in Persian, Arabic, Greek and Hindi that has been written by Khanehzad Khan Ben Mahabat Khan, in India in (1040 LH). This article is an attempt to introduce the book and author of Ghestas-ol-Atebba. The importance of the above-mentioned book is being introduced as well.