Historical and Social Analysis of Shiraz Earthquakes through Odes of Vesal Sons

Document Type: Original Article


Associate Professor, Department of History, Faculty of Literature and Humanity, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran


From 1269 to 1339H (1852 to 1920 AD), three devastating earthquakes took place in Shiraz, causing numerous human casualties and destruction to the city. The most devastating earthquake, known as the great disaster, happened in 1269 (1825), bringing about the death of nearly a quarter of its inhabitants. In addition to houses, numerous strong and historical constructions, namely Shahcheragh, Madrese khan and the Armenian Church, were destroyed.The impact of important historical events on literature, especially on poetry has often found in Persian Literature. Hence, the 1269 earthquake in Shiraz was no exception. This event, in fact, coincided with the era of great poets and artists such as Vesal’s sons. Vesal’s sons showed the tragic event in their poetry. And Davari wrote these poems in calligraphy. The manuscripts of the Odes, describing the earthquake of Shiraz in 1269, are kept in the Library of Parliament This article aimed at exploring the social and demographic status of the era through analyzing the poems and comparing them with other available resources. This analysis provided us with valuable information scarcely found in the historical sources of the period.