Analysis of Causes and Treatment of Infertility from the Perspective of a Muslim Doctors

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1 Assistant Professor, University Of Isfahan, Medicine Doctor, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences & Ph.D of history, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran

2 MA in medical history, University Of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


Many people and even some doctors, in the past, believed that only God decides about human birth. They believed that human knowledge is far from determining this. When Islamic civilization began to spread, medical knowledge made great progress too. Muslim doctors began to express their opinions about fertility and infertility. This study, which is basically a library research, is an attempt to scrutinize Muslim doctors’ ideas about fertility and infertility. This paper has investigated Muslims’ views about infertility and its treatment. . The findings of the study have shown that Muslims did not believe in witchcraft and superstitious ways and methods of treating infertility.