Hakim Muhammad Sabzevari and Ghiaseddin Sabzevari, Two Iranian Physicians in the Court of Ottoman Sultans

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In Safavid era, Ottoman rulers were interested in science and culture, and there were always Iranian physicians, astronomers, scholars, artists and poets in their courts. Although there were always wars between most Ottoman sultans and the Safavid kings, they could not prevent Iranian culture from influencing that land. At the same time, artists and scholars went to other countries, including the country of Ottoman Empire for fame, and besides, despite the wars with Safavid rulers, sultans of Ottoman attempted to bring Iranian scientists and artists to their land. In the meantime, two Iranian doctors, who happened to be father and son named Hakim Muhammad Sabzevari and Hakim Ghiaseddin Sabzevari, entered Ottoman Empire territory, and made scientific works and medical care in Ottoman Court; these two Iranian physicians are studied in this paper.