Introduction of Manuscript: Mokhtasar Andar Elm Teb (Available in the Library of Leiden, The Netherlands)

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This article is a brief history and the manuscript of the book “Mokhtasar Andar Elm Teb” by Zrdglym. This manuscript is now, with No. 604 in Leiden library. In this version, the text states the manuscripts of three books respectively entitled “Andar Elm Teb”, ”Bahnameh” and the third book did not mention. This version is about 167 pages in which 70 pages are about “Andar Elm Teb”. In this article, Zardglym biography is made, then the authenticity of this work is investigated and analyzed. Finally, a list of the contents of the book in details is scrutinized. A survey was conducted and found that the author of the second book attributed to Zardglym. Although the third book is attributed to Zardglym, comparing to its introduction and its texts, it is the manuscript of Seyed Esmail Gorgani.