Introducing Medical Works of Digital Collection of Research Center of Quran, Hadith and Medical Sciences

Document Type: Original Article



Recognition of valid sources is one of the important and essential stages of any research. The purpose of this research has been to introduce the medical works of the digital collections of the Research Center of Quran, Hadith and Medicine’s Sciences of Tehran University of Medical Sciences to facilitate access to resources and to pave the way for research. This article which is based on a descriptive method, by referring directly to the files of each work, its content has been studied independently to identify the medical works from non-medical ones. After required reviews, the medical works of this collection were divided into three sections including:1- medical work with a specific compilation date 2- medical work with unspecified compilation date and 3- collections (including more than one work in a book or treatise). In the following, the classification of works was done based on overall content and academic topics. According to the type of publication, the above works were divided into four groups of manuscripts, lithography, lead print and new print. Finally, the type of language used in writing these works was discussed. As a result, the number of works based on the date of writing, types of works according to overall content, scientific issues raised, the way of publishing works regarding the existence of manuscripts and print works and also the language of their writing were determined.