Investigating Two Medical Documents from Dar-al Shafa-e Astan-e Ghods-e Razavi

Document Type: Original Article


Research Office for the History of Persian Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz


Documents are important sources of investigating historical events. Most documents are official and have been written by government agents. These documents give up useful data to historians about political history. Nontheles, politics is not always the subject of all historical documents, however, they can be significant sources in social studies. One of these documents is about Dar-al Shafa-e Astan-e Ghods-e Razavi in Khorasan Province. This Dar-al Shafa is very old; present documents shed light on the activities of this institute in Safavid era. The number of discovered documents in Dar-al Shafa-e Astan-e Ghods-e Razavi is 35 thousands, and their subjects are medical activities, costs of Dar-al Shafa, wages of doctors and nurses and also the roster of medications. Some of these documents have been copied and published. In this work, two documents of Dar-al Shafa-e Astan-e Ghods-e Razavi dated to the first and third of Jamadi al-Sani 1303 H.D. are investigated and analyzed. These documents address the costs, names of patients and the roster of medications. These documents have not been corrected and published until now.