The Health Condition of Shiraz City in 1933 based on Existing Documents

Document Type: Original Article


Associate Professor, Department of History, Faculty of Literature and Humanity, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran


One of the most important urban issues is the health situation. Before the introduction of the modern medicine and health education in the cities, it should be mentioned that there were many infectious diseases due to the high rates of contamination especially for drinking water. During the reign of the first Pahlavi, efforts were made to improve the health of cities and modern medicine. However, many problems such as a lack of awareness and resistance of the people, failure of officials and carers to deal with medical affairs, paying too much attention to the center (Tehran) and neglecting the cities slowed the process of health change. In this article, six documents are analyzed that they are related to the Health Status Report in Shiraz in 1311 by the head of health of Fars that were written to the head of the state of Fars to be sent to the head of Iranian public health. The review of these documents provides useful and interesting information on the health status of Shiraz during that period.