Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2, Spring 2018 

Original Article

2. Reflection of Pre-Islam Medical History of Transoxiana and Chorasmia in Medical Texts of Islamic-Iranian Civilization

Pages 69-80

Seyed Alireza Golshani; Javad Abbasi; Mohamad Taghi Imanpour; Seyyed Abulghasem Foroozani

3. Diagnosis and Treatment of Favus in Safavid Iran

Pages 81-90

Hossein Namdar; Javad Alipoor silab

4. Iranian Physicians in the Ottoman Empire (From the 9th to 12th Century AH)

Pages 91-102

Marzieh Khabiry; Reyhane Ahansazan; Hamed Ahansazan